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High heat deflection, mechanical toughness and impact strength in combination with biodegradability or compostability are highly desirable performance parameters in a wide range of applications in the food packaging and agricultural sectors. These properties are not commonly achievable with commercially available biopolymers systems.



The heat deflection temperature is an important measurement and provides an estimate of the service temperature for which a given polymer can withstand. Materials such as high impact polystyrene (HIPS) have a heat deflection temperature generally between 80°C and 100°C, at the higher end of this range these materials become suitable for use in hot food and beverage applications such as coffee cup lids.

In contrast the heat deflection properties of many biopolymers are significantly lower, often in the range 50°C to 60°C,  therefore their service temperature is limited and thus unsuitable for use in many elevated temperature applications.

The highly improved heat deflection temperatures, excellent stiffness, tear resistance and impact resistance of the Compol™ range of materials means that the Compol™ products not only hold their shape under elevated temperatures but are not brittle allowing them to be used successfully in such environments.

In addition, the low odour properties of these materials make them ideally suited when used in direct contact with food stuffs.

All Compol™ materials have been tested and approved to EN13432 and conform to all the relevant food contact regulations including EU/D/2011 and CFR21.


Sheet Extrusion
 Injection Moulding


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