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Desiccants, or as sometimes referred to moisture scavengers, are materials that will attract and chemically bind moisture. Desiccants can offer a simple and economical way to eliminate moisture problems in plastics processing that can otherwise cause unattractive surface defects such as lensing, voiding, and splash marks in the finished product.

Desiccant masterbatches can reduced the need for pre-drying of materials, allow processors to use recyclate with high moisture content and extend the control of processing moisture sensitive polymers.



Wells Plastics desiccant masterbatches contain highly concentrated levels of a high purity, controlled particle size active ingredient. This will absorb and chemically lock in any moisture present in the system and prevent it from being released as steam during processing.

Typically 1wt% addition of a desiccant masterbatch will absorb in excess of 3000ppm moisture.

Wells Plastics desiccant masterbatches have proven to be highly effective in reducing fish eyes and voiding in recycled films such as bin bags and eliminating surface defects in high gloss ABS sheets containing recycled material.

Due to the carefully controlled particle size of the active ingredient, Wells Plastics desiccant masterbatches are suitable for use in thin films.

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Blown film
Sheet extrusion
Profile Extrusion
Blow Moulding
Injection Moulding

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