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The use of fragrances to offer on shelf product differentiation or performance in end use applications is increasing. Whether you are producing marketing goods to promote your brand, making seasonal items like pine scented Christmas tree decorations, or even manufacturing diaper wrapping bags, Wells Plastics is almost certain to have the fragrance solution for you.

Fragrance requirements are becoming much more sophisticated and demanding with customers requiring more complex and bespoke fragrances. In addition to the increase in sophistication there is also a demand for the fragrance to be stronger in odour and longer lasting in performance. Whilst in reality these are two competing requirements Wells have developed systems which incorporate a novel odour retention additive. This allows higher loadings of fragrance to be achieved in the masterbatch and a more controlled release once in


Once the Wells fragrance masterbatch is incorporated into a plastic article, the fragrance oil will slowly migrate, and once at the surface, the fragrance will evaporate to the surrounding atmosphere enabling the fragrance to be sensed. In most cases, the slow migration enables the part to retain its fragrance for many months.

Whilst lemon, vanilla, rose and pine are ever popular, Wells Plastics have formed strong alliances with leading fragrance manufacturers to ensure we are able to offer a wide portfolio of standard fragrances, together with the ability to produce excellent matches to meet end customers aspirations over an almost infinite palate of bespoke fragrances.

Some examples of where Wells Plastics’ fragrance masterbatches are used include:

  • Diaper bags
  • Bin liners and hospital waste sacks
  • Point of sale bags
  • Fridge fresheners
  • Car air fresheners
  • Moulded articles including decorations, marketing and promotional pieces.
  • To mask undesirable odours, e.g. those associated with recycled polymers.

Wells Plastics fragrances masterbatches can be custom formulated to suit your specific requirements. Please contact your Wells Plastics representative for further details.


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