Green Sustainability Seminar Indonesia

Wells Plastics were delighted to participate in a Green Sustainability Seminar entitled ‘Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable multi-layered packaging for Green Sustainability’ on the 16th June 2015 at Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup (Ministry of Environment), along with our distribution partners PT Neochem Indonesia, our exclusive distributor in the region since 2011.

Indonesia’s population is growing by 2 million per annum and as a result waste has been increasing by between 20-40% every 10 years. Litter still remains one of the biggest problems in Indonesia.

Despite strong litter awareness and improvements there remains very significant quantities of bags and multi-layered packaging being littered. Recognising careless post-consumer disposal of plastic waste, particularly flexible packaging and inadequate waste collection, segregation and management infrastructure in Indonesia, PT Neochem and Wells jointly held a seminar to discuss the Reverte™ solution.

Wells have received encouraging support from local Societies and Environmental groups and Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable plastic bags are now commonly being supplied by brand owners and supermarkets throughout the region. The seminar was extremely successful and there was great interest from various departments such as Solid Waste Management, Standardization and Ecolabel in the concept of using Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable technology in flexible packaging.

Multi-layered packaging is, in many cases, not possible to segregate and recycle and it is estimated that it accounts for 90% of the littered packaging films in the region. Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable additive masterbatches offer a complete and realistic solution to the ongoing litter issues with a suite of products suitable for multi layered film structures including those containing PET and BOPP layers.

According to Indonesian Packaging Federation, the growing middle class has spurred higher consumption of packaging, therefore it would be beneficial to add Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable additive to all layers of packaging especially PET which was not possible in the past.

Following the seminar it is expected that more of the producers will adopt Reverte™ and its unique offering for multi layered flexible packaging films thus helping to reduce the impact of thoughtless littering of plastics in the region.