Multilayer Packaging Films 2017

Fully Oxo-biodegradable Flexible Packaging

Multilayer Packaging Films 2017

 7th – 9th November 2017, Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany

At this years’ Multilayer Packaging Film conference in Cologne Wells Plastics will demonstrate how flexible laminated packaging can be made fully oxo-biodegradable by utilising Reverte™.

The well-established science behind Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable additive masterbatch can be outlined by the three tiers of testing prescribed in ASTM D6954-04(2013). This oxo-biodegradation process will be illustrated using the very latest independent third party test data, which has taken over five years to generate, for polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which are primarily used for manufacturing laminated flexible packaging.

Reverte™ produces, in common with all biodegradation process of polymers, a two stage mechanism. In the case of oxo-biodegradability the first stage is the oxidation of the polymer altering both the molecular structure and physical properties, followed by the biodegradation of this oxidised, low molecular weight material.

These oxo-biodegradation by-products are also non-toxic as independently measured by OECD 207 & 208.

It is therefore our firm belief that the successful use of oxo-biodegradable technology in diverse applications can be used to help tackle the problem of plastics based litter.

Multilayer Packaging Films 2017 – Programme (PDF)