Response to European Commission Report

An article on the Plastics Today website examines the response published by the OBPF (Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics Federation) on the European Commission report on the impact of the use of oxo-degradable plastic, including oxo-degradable plastic carrier, on the environment:

In response to the European Commission’s report on the impact of oxo-degradable plastics on the environment, members of the Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics Federation (OBPF), whose board comprises international experts in this field—Add-X Biotech, Sweden; EKM Developments, Germany;  Environmental Products Inc. (EPI), Canada;  Wells Plastics Ltd, UK; and Willow Ridge Plastics Inc. (Erlanger, KY)—collaborated to write a response challenging the information the European Commission (EC) produced.

Dr. Gary Ogden, Technical Manager at Wells Plastics Ltd. (Staffordshire, UK) and Chairman of the OBPF, told PlasticsToday,

 “apart from that statement being completely wrong—no, they don’t biodegrade quickly—the EC document talks about ‘timeframes’ but never sets what an acceptable timeframe is.”


Plastics Today Artice, 18/02/2018

OBPF response to the European Commission

Critical review by the OBPF (PDF)