Reverte at the BOPET Film 2016 Conference

Wells Plastics Limited attended the recent BOPET Film 2016 conference organised by AMI in Cologne, with Technical Manager, Dr Gary Ogden FIMMM, CSci, presenting a paper entitled “Oxo-biodegradable BOPET film – the complete package for flexible laminate packaging” in which the science behind Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable additive masterbatch for PET film was explained in detail using independent analysis of material tested to the three tiers approach prescribed in ASTM D6954-04(2013). The paper, presented to an audience of over 130 delegates from all aspects of the global PET industry, demonstrated how Reverte™ produces a two stage oxo-degradation phase, where in the first phase a stabilised period of use is induced, prior to a shorter period of accelerated oxo-degradation of the PET molecules. It demonstrated that the oxo-degraded molecules are biodegraded by the action of microbial digestion and that the oxo-degradation and biodegradation by-products are non-toxic as measured by OECD 207 & 208. The presentation was favourably met with considerable positive discussions during and after the Q&A session, correcting misperceptions and confirming how many commonly made public statements regarding the action and efficacy of oxo-biodegradable technology are incorrect.”