SASO Quality Mark Awarded to Reverte™

Wells Plastics is delighted to inform its many customers that it has been awarded the Saudi Arabia Standards Organisation (SASO) Quality Mark for its range of Reverte™ Oxo-biodegradable masterbatches.

The SASO Quality Mark is a legal requirement to be able to supply Oxo-biodegradable technology in to this marketplace. The creation of this Quality Mark follows the recent introduction of legislation earlier this year which aims to reduce the impact of plastics with the environment of Saudi Arabia by utilising the benefits and advantages of oxo-biodegradable plastics.

The Quality Mark recognises the wealth of independent third party data which supports the Reverte™ product range and Wells Plastics position as a global leader and supplier of this technology.

This year, Wells Plastics completed an extensive suite of third party independent testing providing further support of full compliance to ASTM 6954-04 (2013) for its polypropylene and polyethylene Reverte™ products. This work is the culmination of extensive testing and supporting work for this product range over many years and confirms Wells Plastics commitment to supporting Reverte™ and its customers globally.