Standard Test Guide Revised and Renewed at ASTM

Standard Test Guide for Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics, ASTM D6954-18 is Revised and Renewed at ASTM

Wells Plastics is delighted to announce that the standard test guide for oxo-biodegradable plastics, ASTM D6954-18 “Exposing and Testing Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation”, has been successfully revised and renewed for a further 5 years till 1st March 2023, under the technical leadership of Dr Gary Ogden FIMMM, CSci, Technical Manager, Wells Plastics Ltd.

ASTM D6954-18 provides a rigorous frame work in which to evaluate and measure Oxo-Biodegradable materials through degradation, biodegradation and ecotoxicity. Reverte™ Oxo-Biodegradable materials have been successfully put through the extensive testing requirements of ASTM D6954-18 utilising PE, PP and PET materials via third party independent laboratories demonstrating and confirming their full compliance.