World Packaging Congress 2015

Wells Plastics to be a sponsor of “World Packaging Congress” in Mumbai.

Wells Plastics and Reverte™ have agreed to become a sponsor as well as participants in the Indian Institute of Packaging “World Packaging Congress” to be held in Mumbai on 9th & 10th October 2015. During the event Dr. Gary Ogden, Technical Manager at Wells Plastics, will present a paper entitled “The role of oxo-biodegradable flexible packaging in tackling the problem of plastic litter”. In his paper Gary will illustrate how the development of Reverte™ additive masterbatch technology has progressed beyond the traditional polyolefinic materials to encompass polyesters such as PET, thus enabling the production of fully oxo-biodegradable PET based flexible laminate films, and how this technology can be used to help tackle the problem of plastics based litter.

It is expected that packaging professionals from all over India as well as others from outside India will be attending this major event.