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Wells Plastics is the developer, owner and manufacturer of Reverte oxo-biodegradable technology and trademarks. Reverte additives are well suited to a wide range of processes and applications, and they have been used for many years to provide reliable and reproducible oxo-biodegradable products around the world. Reverte is recognised as technically superior and the numerous formulations available offer a greater degree of control and predictability than competitor additives.


The term ‘Oxo-biodegradable’ is a hybridisation of two words, oxidation and biodegradable. It clearly defines a two step process initiated by the Reverte additive to degrade the polymer chain (break up) and make it available for biodegradability within the environment when a treated item has finished its useful life.

Reverte is designed specifically to address the issue of plastic waste that gets into the environment and cannot be realistically collected. Reverte has been used in numerous PE and PP applications for many years and now, as a further advance in oxo-biodegradable technology, Wells Plastics is offering a new grade of Reverte for PET film. Since most of flexible plastic packaging has a layer of PET or MET PET film, this new development is expected to revolutionise the fight against flexible plastic packaging litter around the world.

Recently, Wells has completed testing of multilayer laminates made of PET, BOPP, MET PET, MET BOPP, PE films incorporation Reverte in all the layers.



All types of carrier/shopping bags
Garbage bags & bin liners
Bread bags
Shrink and pallet wrap
Agriculture & mulch films
Plastic netting products & packaging
Multi layered films used in flexible packaging for food and other products


PET (film)


Please visit our dedicated Reverte website for more information on Reverte oxo-biodegradable technology:

Reverte Plastics Website

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