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As polymers consist of long chain hydrocarbons, unmodified, most thermoplastic materials are flammable and will burn readily given sufficient heat energy. Fires from plastics can be devastating.

Flame retardant additives can be added to a polymer to improve its fire resistance properties by increasing the materials ignition temperature, reducing flame propagation speeds and reducing smoke emissions. Flame retardant materials are obligatory in a vast range of applications, from building and construction products, household and electrical appliances, automotive and aeronautical components, cabling materials and furnishings.



Wells Plastics have developed flame retardant masterbatch systems for use in a variety of host polymers. Our flame retardant range offers some of the most highly concentrated masterbatches on the market ensuring value for our customers. The range includes:

  • Polyhalogenated organics with synergists
  • Halogen free grades.
  • Intumescent low smoke systems

Wells Plastics can also offer a full compounding service to allow the polymer converter to eliminate the need for mixing and blending for critical applications.

As there are a multitude of flame retardancy standards, and differing regulations from country to country it is vitally important for the user to understand the exact requirements needed by the final product. Wells Plastics are on hand to give advice if necessary. Please contact your Wells Plastics representative for further details.



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