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In an ever demanding world where there are increasing pressures on cost reduction, component weight saving and improving production rates. These challenges can in certain applications be met by incorporating a blowing agent.

Blowing agents can allow the polymer processor to achieve weight reduction and use less raw materials by introducing a finely controlled cell structure within the polymer.

With the endothermic blowing agents, as part of their functionality, they will absorb heat energy from their surroundings. This, in injection moulding, lends itself ideally to reducing in mould cooling times and gives the processor the ability to dramatically reduce mould cycle times


Wells Plastics blowing agent masterbatches contain specialist active ingredients that are designed to decompose at a specific given temperature, evolving gases such as nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2). The evolved gases will impart a cellular structure to the polymer, making the finished part lighter in weight and also using less polymer to fill the mould volume. Total conversion of the additive to gas within the user’s process is critical for ensuring that the maximum cost reduction benefit is achieved.

Blowing agents are widely used to achieve weight reduction and polymer saving in injection moulding e.g. automotive parts, plastic pallets and crates. Blowing agents may also be used to produce foamed insulation materials and to reduce sink marks in moulding applications.

Wells Plastics blowing agents are designed to deliver controlled, uniform cell structures, providing the processor with batch to batch reproducibility. Both endothermic and exothermic blowing agent masterbatches are available from Wells Plastics.

Wells Plastics blowing agent masterbatches can be custom formulated to suit specific applications or polymer types. Please contact your Wells Plastics representative for further details.



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